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Miles Olson is an accomplished film composer, singer/songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Growing up in a family of musicians and playing jazz clarinet and tenor sax through his teenage years, Miles' full-throttle passion for music took hold at the age of 30 when he began playing the piano. He dedicated himself entirely to the art, exploring and honing his instrumental and vocal abilities. Miles composes music using mixed genres to create soundscapes including piano and strings to electronic ambient. With the encouragement of film composers Marshall Crutcher, Justin Melland and Hummie Mann, he unearthed a genuine talent for Film Scoring.  

Now fully confident and committed to a life long pursuit Miles achieved a Master Certificate in Orchestration For Film And TV through Berklee College Of Music in Boston. Miles would like to acknowledge Marc Jovani and Ben Newhouse at Berklee. His Santa Rosa, California recording studio, Miles Away Studio, specializes in unique analog sound. Miles has produced two albums by recording artists David Luning and Carlos Henrique Pereira. He looks forward to more instrumental and cinematic collaborations to come.

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