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3 Keys

In March of 2016 a group of Berklee schooled musicians and business majors decided to band together and create a music production and supervision house. From a creative perspective, their vision was to create great music, in multiple genres, to support the needs of commercial production companies (TV, film and advertising).


From the business perspective, they are all versed in music supervision and can act as resources in that regard. They have been writing and recording music together since their years at Berklee, creating a catalog of songs, cue’s and movie soundscapes.

Each member brings a diverse personal and musical skill set to the collaboration. Collectively they cover a broad spectrum of genres and flavors of music that seem to have no limitation of creativity and vision

Who are the 3Keys?

- Andrew Stevens (Laguna Beach, California) - Guitar & Drums/Percussion 
- Dave Hollerbach (Salt Lake City, Utah) -  Bass & Banjo
- Miles Olson (Santa Rosa, California) - Keys & Saxophone

Official Music Video "Rhapsody"

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